MagiScript vs. “The Other Guy”

I “geek out” on audio transcription, so you don’t have to. And I wanted to show you why I’ll save you time, energy and help you generate more revenue.

So, I hired a freelancer from Elance. Because I figured you might be thinking of doing something like that, too.




What’s all the red pen? The editing and notes I made on the “final product”… that I would make if I were responsible for the project.

The transcript on the right is my work. Ready to go. Turnkey. No additional editing or corrections needed.


That’s because MagiScript transcripts include:


  • Basic grammar checks
  • Removing common “filler words” like um…like… you know…
  • Italicizing emphasized words
  • Making sure the links you mention are correct (and live!)
  • Only including links or “calls to action” that are evergreen
  • Formatting that’s attractive and easy-to-read
  • Small changes that make you look good on paper (or pixel)



Some examples of the kinds of small changes I make that make you look even more intelligent:


Example #1

The speaker said: Just give us a quick bio of yourself since I don’t seem to have that in front of me and then I’ll ask you the first question to get us started.
The transcript read: Just give us a quick bio of yourself and then I’ll ask you the first question to get us started.

Rationale: Nobody reading the transcript needs to know you don’t have the information in front of you.



Example #2

The speaker said: The third step of this process – so you’ve got your goal, you’re tracking your revenue – is to create a strategy.
The transcript read: So, you’ve got your goal and you’re tracking your revenue. The third step of this process is to create a strategy.

Rationale: Taking out the false start makes the ideas more clear.




Example #3

The speaker said: What we’re going to do is we’re going to make a plan..
The transcript read: We’re going to make a plan.

Rationale: Sentence is less wordy.



Unlike traditional audio transcription services, we “clean up” your transcripts for you. You don’t have to go over our work. You know it’s done…and it’s done right. So you can get back to doing what you love in your business.

With thanks to Therese Skelly of Happy in Business for the audio, and brilliant idea of the side-by-side comparison.



That’s the “magic” in MagiScript.  Record once. Transcribe once. And use it again and again to save time and generate revenue.

Ready to get started? Contact Lainie to talk through your project and find an audio transcription package that’s right for you.

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