Gregory Anne Cox“Having Lainie on my team when I run a telesummit has proven to be a valuable asset. Because of her attention to detail and accuracy, I was easily able to put together an e-book to go along with my telesummit helping me to provide even more value to my audience. I would highly recommend Lainie and her company, MagiScript, to anyone who’s looking for a transcriptionist to provide a perfect transcript to their listeners.”
Gregory Anne Cox

Christian Mickelsen“We’d had some bad experiences with transcriptionists in the past – everything from sloppy work to missed deadlines – which caused both my team and clients a lot of frustration.
Fortunately one of my good friends and colleagues highly recommended Lainie and now we couldn’t be happier. She is super professional, the work is top notch and she is ALWAYS on time. I just wish we’d started working with her much sooner.”
Christian Mickelsen

Mark Whitby“Wow! I’ve used several transcription services, and ordered probably around 80 hours of transcription in the last few years. This is easily the best transcript I have ever received. I’m very impressed that Lainie spelled all the industry terminology, company names and the speaker’s names correctly. Plus the biggest mistake most transcription services make is not so much with spelling but with strange punctuation. The punctuation in this transcript is perfect. Best of all, I love the way Lainie formatted the document for readability. The extra attention you’ve given to the layout makes this transcript much more saleable as a product.”
Thank you!
Mark Whitby
Director, Breakthrough Coaching Ltd

Monica Shah“Working with Lainie was a dream come true for a busy professional like myself. Her transcripts require no editing and they look beautiful. Her follow-through and timing are impeccable. And she really cares about her clients. She even reached out to us when she didn’t receive the fourth class, to make sure that everything was OK. If you are wondering whether you should hire her team, think no longer. You’ll save time, money and headaches – and you’ll have an amazing product. Thanks, Lainie.”
Monica Shah

Adam Hommey“MagiScript Fills In the Blanks In Your Transcripts So You Create Products Faster and Easier.”
“There are thousands of transcription companies out there, and hundreds that say they specialize in helping business owners create transcripts that can be easily multi-purposed. MagiScript is one of very, very few companies that actually structure your transcripts so you can carve them into blog posts and other content faster and easier. They don’t merely type your words verbatim. They actually clean it up and fill in the blanks for you.
For example, if you’re hosting a topical teleseminar so you can use its transcript to create an e-book or free consumer guide, they even go through and create subject headings and organize the content. That’s time and effort off your already full plate.
I recommend MagiScript wholeheartedly, utilize them for all my transcription needs, and have been honored to introduce them to my best clients as well.”
Adam Hommey
Founder, Help My Website Sell™

Stella Orange“Lainie ‘geeks out’ on transcripts. When you find someone like that, you hire her. I’m glad I did. I hired her on a recommendation–and a belief that you get what you pay for. I was right. She required zero management, and her service definitely goes “above and beyond.”
My transcripts were formatted, cleaned up, and made me look smarter than I actually am. What’s not to love about that? I highly recommend Lainie’s work to anyone looking for top-notch transcription service. So now you can hire Lainie on a recommendation, too.”
Stella Orange
Your friendly neighborhood wordsmith

Patrick Dougher“I have been a faithful believer in you for the last few years, but I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you enough for all the ways you serve me and my clients. You take audios from radio and TV shows that I host and transcribe them faster that I created them. You make me sound so much better and brighter than I am, for which me and my readers are very thankful.
The best thing is that I never have to worry about anything. Your transcripts are perfect. You work is way too FAST! And you make me look amazing to my clients. I love to brag that you are my secret weapon to create content for websites, e-books, books, workbooks, training programs, and the list goes on. What can I say… you’re a goddess!”
Patrick Dougher
CEO Doer Success
817-368-6843 Internet Lead Generation,
Traffic & Website Marketing
Commercial Website Video Marketing.
Social Media Managment.

David Lee“Lainie is an absolute joy to work with. Not only is she blazingly fast in her turnaround time, but she also provides the extra value that those at the elite levels in their profession provide. When I “auditioned” various transcriptionists, it was clear Lainie stood out from the rest. She not only provides top notch transcription, but she also thinks in terms of “how can I provide even more value to my clients?”
Because she thinks about the end result, if she’s transcribing presentations, you don’t find the little “housekeeping” details left in or those unfortunate “Uhmms” and “Okays” for you to edit out. So, her initiative will save you a lot of time. If you need something transcribed and you want to know that when you hand it off, it will be done right–and maybe even better than the vision you had–go with Lainie. She’s a real pro.”
David Lee

Matt Theriault“Wow! If I wasn’t in love already, I would be now :-) Seriously, Lainie exceeded all expectations with competence and punctuality. I will be using her services until she doesn’t want to work with me anymore :-) Thanks Lainie, YOU ROCK!”
Matt Theriault

Soul Dancer“WOW Lainie! MagiScript ROCKS! I can’t believe how fast, and accurate your work is. Based on past experiences with other transcription services, MagiScript clearly provides stellar service at ethical prices! Thank you for all your hard work!”
Soul Dancer
Author, Speaker, Teacher and Shaman

Dr. Susan Bernstein“Lainie is amazing! I love that I can get a transcript so easily and quickly. Her prices are reasonable, her care and concern for accuracy are top-notch, and she’s just plain fun to work with!”
Dr. Susan Bernstein
Career Reinvention & Renewal Coach

Alison Danziger“Lainie is a professional in every sense of the word. Her work is accurate, efficient and Lanie has excellent communication skills. She doesn’t mind sharing her expertise to make you feel more comfortable with the process and has an attitude that enables project progress with professionalism and integrity. I have already hired Lainie on more than one occasion and will do so again without hesitation because she is THAT good. I have also recommended her to my colleagues as someone who you can count on to get the job done right. Do yourself a favour and choose Lainie for your transcription!”
Alison Danziger
International Institute of Entrepreneurial Learning

Andy Sacker“I have been absolutely thrilled with the service provided. Very professional and I had received my transcript the very next day. Just what we needed.
We will definitely be working together on many more projects, and I cannot recommend more highly that you use this service. I guarantee that you will be just as thrilled as we have been!”
Andy Sacker

Ed Stapleton, Jr.“Lainie is amazing! She is super fast, accurate and professional. I really enjoyed working with her because she is on top of her game–my project came back ahead of schedule, without a single grammatical error! And did I mention she’s super FAST!!”
Ed Stapleton, Jr.
Limo Profits

Peter J. Polack“Most transcription companies usually force you to decide between speed and quality. With Lainie’s transcription services, I get both: high-quality, accurate, and professionally-formatted transcripts AND a blazing turnaround time. And her competitive rates don’t make me look for an unknown source overseas.
I highly recommend Lainie’s transcription services.”
Peter J Polack

Cydney O' Sullivan“We tried several several transcription services before Magiscript was recommended to us, and right from our first interactions I could see that Lainie ran her business in the most professional manner of any of the contractors I had used so far. Her team produced the transcriptions faster, and with less mistakes and more reliable results than the other team we were using. We gave her more and more of our interviews to transcribe and never experienced a delay or lapse in quality. But it was the one transcript that slipped through with errors that really made me appreciate what a delight it is to deal with Lainie. If you think she’s an incredible delight to deal with when things are going brilliantly, you should see how fantastic she is when you have a valid complaint. My congratulations to you Magiscript! We bombarded you with work and frantic deadlines and you were sensational!
Thank you!”
Cydney O’Sullivan