Podcast Transcription: Why Having a Transcript for Your Podcast is Crucial

April 5th, 2011 → 8:37 pm @

The audio and video for your show are not searchable. The text on your transcript is. Podcast transcripts generate more traffic to your website because the text is searchable and people will ultimately stumble upon it when browsing the web for content your podcast delivers. Search engines will pick up the keywords.

Transcripts provide content. Simply copy and paste your transcript and it’s an instant blog post. You’re also able to pull the content from the transcript and create several blog posts, articles, content for your newsletter, etc. One podcast transcript can be the base for several pieces of content.

Once you have a few transcripts, you have enough content to create a product such as an e-book.This means you don’t have to do it from scratch. You have already done the work! All you have to do is hire a podcast transcription company to transcribe your audios, then a writer to piece it all together. Simplify the process and hire a company such as MagiScript to do both for you.

Attract a larger audience. While many people do prefer to watch a video or listen to an audio, many do still prefer a text version. They may not have 30 minutes or an hour to devote to your show. Reading the content takes half the time. They also may prefer to print the transcript so they can go back and read it whenever they want and/or highlight the key points.

Personal reference. Once you have completed several of podcasts, you might need to find something specific someone said. This can cause you to spend a few hours of your time trying to find the spot in the audio you need. If you had a transcript, all you would have to do is a simple search through the text, which only takes a minute. Your followers may also find this useful for the same reasons.


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