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Teleseminar transcription will help you grow your business in multiple ways. How can you make the most out of a teleseminar transcript?


1. Sell it! Many of my clients will offer the teleseminar free if the person attends live. After that, they sell the mp3 and transcript. Assume your investment is $90. If you sell the mp3 and transcript for $10-$20 after, you only need to sell five or ten to make your money back.

2. Free report! Lots of coaches will turn their teleseminar into a free report for an opt-in to capture e-mail addresses for potential clients and get them on their list. They’ll offer the mp3 and transcription of a class they did in exchange for an e-mail.

3. Content!  A 60-minute teleseminar will be roughly 10,000 words. You can get at least four articles out of that.

4. Social media updates!  Pull out sentences or “ahas” for social media updates. Have a VA load them up into HootSuite and you have your updates for a month (or do it yourself).

You need a smart transcriptionist on your team who makes your transcript seamless, intelligent, product-ready… and helping you stand out in print (or pixel).

Imagine having a transcriptionist who:

  • Edits, proofreads and formats your documents so they’re ready for delivery
  • Delivers transcripts in an easy-to-read format
  • Does basic fact-checking
  • Only includes “calls to action” that are evergreen
  • Cleans up the “flow” of your talk, to make for smooth reading
  • Removes common “filler words” like umlike… you know
  • Italicizes emphasized words
  • Uses bulleted lists if appropriate
  • Fixes grammar, yet still keeps the transcript conversational and in your voice

Intelligent Transcription Services
MagiScript transcripts are product-ready… with no additional editing, review, or formatting required from you. Be proud of what you deliver to your paying customers.

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